Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours/Treks and Meditation

Away from the heavy supremacy of the Hindu Temples, tours to the Buddhist Pilgrimage centers, in and out of the valley, Buddhism the system of philosophy and a code of morality, which originated here and perched around the world for an explanation will certainly offer the attractive experience.

Hindu Pilgrimage & Three Ancient Cities Tour

Nepal is the only Hindu Country in the world, due to its this feature it has got the rich Hindu sites for visits and pilgrimage. Encountering the Hindu temples, monuments in nooks and corners of the valley and the nation can’t be surprising. Every temple, holy place is dedicated to a particular Hindu god or goddess having its own significance which will allow you to examine more about Hinduism.
Kathmandu valley is the very big concentration of the ancient architectural masterpieces displaying its wonderful and wonderful history to the present era. Tours conducted in Kathmandu, the historical and architectural center point of Nepal, Lalitpur, the city of beauty and Bhaktapur, the city of ancient temples rivals anything you will find in the great cities of Europe.