There are two types of trekking available in Nepal:

1.    Camp Trek
This is the type of trekking where customers are regarded and treated as special guests with appropriate guidance, assistance and fooding. We are honestly friendly to you and try our best to make you feel at home.

We provide two-men waterproof tents, foam mattresses, kit bags, sleeping bags, inner sheets, pillows, hot water bags, kitchen tents and all kitchen accessories, dining tents, toilet tent. Apart from this you will need your own warm clothing, shoes, stick, snow/ eye glass and other personal equipment.

2.    Tea House or Lodge to Lodge Trek
The type of trekking in which the local available lodges/hotels are used for fooding and accommodation throughout the program is called Tea House Trek. Also with this type you can address your wishes to our crew, and we will arrange for you whatever is possible.

Also with this type of trek you will need your own personal equipment as above.